Monday, 17 June 2013

Why Being British Is Awesome.

"Be England what she will. With all her faults, she is my country still".
-Charles Churchill, Poet.

Say the words "British" or "English," and most people think bravery and honour. A Royal succession that goes back to 1066, the language of Shakespeare, ancient universities one of which is still the best university in the world, the mother of Parliaments, the country with the most successful currency, the country which has the most widely used language, the country where all polite conversations begins with either 'what do you think of the weather', or 'would you like a cup of tea'. 

I am excruciatingly proud of my background. I am half Welsh and half English but as a child I grew up in a little town called Moshi on the base of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Africa. I am so proud to say that I've had the experience of growing up in another country until the age of 10, and I think that it has helped me so much as a person. 

But this feeling of appreciation towards my experience in Tanzania can in no way dampen the raging patriotic passion I have for Britain. I am convinced i have had the best of both worlds, an exotic start to life and now living in England surrounded by culture and extravagance, I cant think of anything better. 

I am going to tell you why Great Britain is the most amazing place on earth, and put to rest any cynical angry comments about how 'this country is going to ruins' - absolute bollocks. 

First of all; 
I can go for a walk and not fear being kidnapped, shot, stabbed or lynched.
I can travel anywhere in the world with minimum fuss.
I can purchase high quality food at low prices.
I can drink water from the tap.
I can receive the best education the world has to offer.
I live on a safe little island guarded by the best troops the world has to offer, a small little island no-one has managed to breach for nearing 1000 years.
I have the greatest history I can think of.
No matter what happens, there will always be free healthcare for me.

Now the last one might be a little iffy for the time being, but this country is intent on keeping me safe and I know that. 

We have completely no respect for authority and love to make jokes about it and never take ourselves seriously; 

We have a royal family which is not only completely awesome and does alot for this country (yes they do things for this country - they are not just stealing our taxes, stop being so narcissistic), but a royal family that allows us to make them do completely ridiculous things; 


Again with the digging. 

and then we wonder why the queen has a face like this;

Our music and our culture and our literature make Britain the most impressive place on the country. 
Not to mention the diversity that makes up our streets - I can walk across the street and learn about everything from suburban Gdansk to the slums of Delhi. I can also buy all sorts of weird questionably digestive nonsense which is not only ridiculously fun but can teach you a lesson or two about the food that your stomach can handle.

And to those who say our country is full of 'foreigners' (god I hate that word), please do put a bloody great sock in it. 

The very meaning of being British is coming home from a job which benefits the worlds economy, going to an Irish pub then having a German beer and then ordering a Chinese or Indian or Thai or Japanese takeaway and coming home to houses built by polish,french,Romanian,English,American,German,Italian (frankly could be any nationality) workers, and sitting down on Swiss furniture to watch American TV on a Japanese television and sipping a cup of tea which has Chinese tea leaves and probably having some sort of tea cake made with Brazil nuts and produced in Luxembourg

In all honesty the meaning of being British is to completely accept other cultures into our midst and make them feel like one of us, because essentially they make up our culture. And to those who don't and instead turn to racist hate because of the prejudiced examples of a few minority groups - well to be completely honest they have no more right to call themselves British than they claim foreigners do.
To add to this little tirade I heard that the sun newspaper had been complaining about the fact that Britain's second language is polish, and that its an outrage that our second language is foreign.... 

Now correct me if I'm wrong but whatever our second language is, its gonna be foreign? Maybe I'm just being stupid!

More reasons to love being British;

Our Olympics was absolutely phenomenal! It cant have just been me that was almost crying at the closing ceremony! 

Now look at his face - he is definitely happy to be British and to have one for us! 
And look what our lovely Bradley Wiggons said when he won his gold medal;
He's lovely! 
Moving on to music - can I just say. OMG. The British are the BEST at music, now it would be impossible for me to like all of it (I'm sorry but one direction just isn't my thing). That being said we are still bloody awesome. 

For example let me present to you musics version of god; 
For those uneducated people who do not know him - this, is David Bowie. 
Now for my list of fabulous music artists, that have changed the industry; 
amy winehouse,arctic monkeys,belle & sebastian,blur,david bowie,dizzee rascal,duran duran,echo & the bunnymen,elton john,elvis costello,eric clapton,fleetwood mac,gang of four,gomez,gorillaz,happy mondays,joy division,kate bush,led zeppelin,m.i.a.,mumford & sons,new order,nick drake,nick lowe,oasis,pink floyd,pj harvey,pulp,queen,radiohead,richard thompson,roxy music,super furry animals,t-rex,the beatles,the buzzcocks,the clash,the cure,the faces,the kinks,the libertines,the rolling stones,the sex pistols,the smiths,the specials,the stills,the stone roses,the waterboys,the who,the zombies, van morrison.

There are so many more and let me just say although I don't enjoy One Directions music - they are the biggest boy band in the whole world, and they're British! 

In comedy we are also rocking the field! 
Russel Howard still remains my ultimate comedy genius;

But there are so many others! Now if you're reading this from another country - I thoroughly recommend you watch some of the shows I mention!
Here are the best;
Peep Show 

Alan Partridge 

The Fork Handles/ Four Candles sketch 

The Office 

The IT crowd 
There are so many more funny comedians like Dara O'brien, Micky Flanigan, Billy Connoly, Michael Mcintyre, Alan davis, Jack Dee, Jo Brand, Bill Bailey, Alan Carr, Jimmy Carr, Stephen Fry. Honestly they are all fantastic check them out! 

Should I even bother with TV icons? The British do own again! Though my favourite.. 


Its not like our only contributions to the world are cultural - take a look at this guy; 
Inventor of The World Wide Web.
Or this guy;
Alan Turing - the father of computer science and a person who helped us win WW2.

England is just full of surprises we are versatile and know our place in the world and to be perfectly honest we have no other choice when the mayor of our capital city is this man; 

I love this country, warts and all. Its not perfect no country is, we have debt, unemployment a extremely questionable government, riots, traffic and extremist groups. But I love this place and honestly I know why people try to get into this country so badly, and I think that if you have the stamina to cling to the bottom of trucks just to get here - welcome! Please, just, welcome! 

If all of this is still not enough to convince you that England is amazing; here is another note. 

Even Hitler thought highly of the British and famously stated 'Germany will rule Europe, and Britain the rest of the world'. 

Not that you should be listening to what Hitler said, but its just food for thought! 

The food, the people, the history and the landscape make Britain the best place to be. I hope no one takes offence but come on - we got it going on! 

Love Always Arawyn

Monday, 3 June 2013

Love: Feeling a deep romantic attachment.

love hard, fast and true

You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.

~ Dr. Seuss

Our world revolves around love. The love for people, animals, money. As for me? I think I'm more in love with pizza at the moment than any actual being. 

The thing that baffles me, is how we constrain love, how we control it. There are the obvious needs to have laws - like age restrictions, I'm not denying that. I'm more baffled with society's reaction to young love. 

What age do you consider as old enough to 'find love'. Is it possible to tell? 
What's your view, if you think about it do you actually think that we should frown at young people saying their in love?

Many peoples view is that when you're a teenager, you are too young to know what you want and what love is. Teenagers don't know what the world has to offer to make an informed decision about what they want in a partner, and because of their changing bodies - their view on a desirable body image is distorted. 

I don't know whether I agree with the latter part, in fact I know many people in their teenage years that have a completely healthy body image. 
What I can say is I know why people can be skeptical about 'young love'. From what I've heard and what I've seen through my parents, is that love isn't something to be said lightly. Its powerful and all consuming and can knock you off your feet. Because of this the idea of 'young love' seems laughable because how can the young deal with something that powerful and uncontrollable if they cant deal with the fact that they have double maths every Friday morning (this is something I have yet to recover from and am still convinced is some form of torture designed to slowly destroy the souls of unsuspecting children). 

So as I said, I know why adults might feel that love is something for the grown ups to deal with. 

This however does not mean I agree with them.

I think you can love at whatever age. How else would you get couples that have stayed together since they were 11. I think humans are capable of so much love, so much unconditional love that we should stop trying to give rules to it. Like I said previously, yes there are the reasonable confines like stopping a 40 year old falling for a 6 year old - because there is no way that relationship could work. But when a 16 year old boy says he loves a 16 year old girl, society claims hes deluded and is just saying it because its cool. That's what I think is wrong, from such a young age we are taught to love and be loved. Why then when we start actually saying it to one another and truly putting a meaning behind it are the young too fragile to deal with it. 

I'm not talking about just teenagers either - people in their 20's are called stupid for thinking that they found love so early on. Only fools deny the obvious, which in this case is love can happen at anytime to anyone. 

Take these two toddlers for example, never met each other but decided to hug it out in an airport. 
Age shouldn't confine you, nor should mental ability or hair colour. 
The amount of time you've known each other shouldn't matter! I believe in true love, I believe in love at first site.
And please - its not just cause I'm a girl. 

It's because I see it every day. Love is what I think some of my friends have, what I know my parents and my grandparents and my uncles and aunts have. What I hope someday I have. 

Just because I haven't experienced it yet doesn't mean I don't know that its out there and that anyone willing to look can have it. 


I want what my parents have. The thing I know they have. 

The kind of love when you spend a whole day coming up with something just to make the other laugh. The kind of love when even saying "I love you" just doesn't cut the butter (cheese? mustard?Again very confused - help please?)

The kind of love when you know... you just know. 

People can get over love, the can live without it, they can move on. Love can grow and shrink, love can be redefined to mean so many different things. Love can be lost and found again. Love is so flexible and yet the very idea of it makes the world go round!

But I want to find a person when I cant apply the word 'Love', because I wont survive loosing them, I'm obsessed and addicted to them. They are everything I have ever wanted, needed, dreamed of. I live and breath them, FOR them. I get out of bed in the morning and face the world because I know they're in it. Because I know I'm safe and sound and cared for. Because of them the world makes sense in a way in never has before. I want to find a love where I can say - "I've found my place on this earth.. and its with you".

Love Always Arawyn

Thursday, 30 May 2013

Short Rant: DIETS!!

be your own type of perfect

I have been on a harsh diet, in some vague attempt at trying to loose weight and make my size 10 (uk size) legs match my size 6 (uk size) abdomen.
After finding myself once again feeling woozy and almost blacking out. I've come to a very simple conclusion.

Why are people measured on what they can't control? 

The way their body curves, or the way it doesn't. By where they are flat, straight, round, oblong, square. All these crude words that define a body. Whether they have abs, or a perfectly toned body. They are measured by size 8-12-16, they are measured by their age and the lines on their face, they are measured by the number of lashes they have over their eyes, or how many kilograms they weigh in a scale. 

Why are people measured by the outside things, that never add up to who they are on the inside? Things that in no way should define anything about us. Things that don't represent how kind a person is, how loving they are. You can't tell if someone has saved a life by their appearance so why should appearance decide who is trusted to save a life. 
I propose a change. If someone is to be measured, let it be by what's on the inside. What they are and what they intend to be, what they do or don't do with their life. What they say, not the way their voice sounds. How they move, not whether or not their body wobbles whilst moving. Fitness and health are important. But they don't define us. 

Goodbye diet! I swap celery for some crackers and I swap my insane workout regime for a gentle strole in the park. 

I'm done. I'm done playing the medias game, I'm done trussing myself up to fit other people's standards when all along I've been dismissing my own. 

I am done with my foolish attempt to be somebody else's perfect. 

I am starting my attempt at becoming my version of perfect.

And that begins with a chocolate biscuit.

Love Always Arawyn

What Makes You, You

forget about the little things

You ever heard that saying 'don't sweat the little stuff, you'll drown'? It's an apt expression only because it emphasizes a characteristic all humans have; worry. Our lives are made up of every day worries - everyday worries that seek to overwhelm and submerge humble folk like me. People who just want to get along, who just want to be themselves and be respected for it. Yet its the little things like this that make us human, that makes us real and alive. They set us apart and define us and drive us to become something more, drive us to become the best possible versions of ourselves. 

However ultimately its the little things that can pull you down, if you forget to look at the bigger picture, forget to take a moment to ... breathe, and just be. Be yourself.

So here I am... middle of Canterbury. I've spent the whole day walking around past hundreds of people - each with their own little worries. And I'm thinking what is their purpose for living, why do they fight to survive. It's interesting to think about it really. Are my goals more important then their goals or is it not as simple that? Everyday you walk by somebody that wants to be a doctor, lawyer, teacher, fireman, and policeman. Are any one of these goals more important than any other? Why do we have this intense need to .. be more, to become more - and now I'm not just talking about procreating here, I'm talking real blockbuster more. 

The little failures we find in ourselves and the world we live in - the little things. They push people to want to be.. more. To help, to serve to become something different and new and original and ..Perfect. (Now don't get me started on perfect, that's a whole other bundle of fish, kettle of fish? I never know). What separates a person that aspires to be a doctor from on who wants to be a teacher? It's who they are, on the inside. In their head and their heart not slathered across their face. Its who you are as a person. 

The point I'm attempting to make is this; yes, let the little faults in this world drive you let them push you, but dont let them consume you. You're main aim, the thing that should be the end point for you. Is knowing that you did what you wanted - and you did it whilst being yourself. 

Love Always Arawyn